PVD Coating Equipment

The Aurora STAR series of PVD coating equipment includes both small R&D units and large-scale production systems, and these products can be further customized to match your specific demands. Read more

Coating Applications

PVD coating increases objects’ resilience and strength while decreasing friction and decolouration. This is useful for numerous products, from forming and cutting tools to molds to jewellery. Read more

Coating Technology Explained

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition)  is a vacuum-coating technique used to enhance the properties and performance of objects by depositing thin metallic or ceramic film coatings on their surface. Read more

For more than 20 years, we’ve delivered customized, cutting-edge PVD coating equipment that caters to your specific needs.

Who We Are?

No matter your business, all your tools must be ready for the job. They need to stay strong and work hard instead of becoming scratched and dull. So what’s the best way to keep them working hard? Aurora’s PVD coating. For more than 20 years, Aurora Scientific Corp. has catered to the needs of business owners like you by providing advanced PVD coating technology that enhances:

  • Performance of cutting and forming tools, molding and die casting, and other applications.
  • Resilience to increase lifespan and preserve tool strength.
  • Shine and resistance to scratching.
  • Your bottom line.

By increasing your tools’ effectiveness and resilience, your company saves a lot of money. We’re heavily involved in all stages of the coating process: we both provide it directly and manufacture a variety of coating units, while our R&D facilities pioneer new methods in this field. Because we’re backed by the Surface Engineering Research Center (SERC) at MingDao University, our products are on the cutting edge of PVD development and take advantage of all the latest technological advances.

Why Choose Us?

  • Green TechnologyOpen or Close

    1 Aurora’s earth-friendly PVD coating unit will allow manufacturing companies or coating service providers to reduce the wastes during production and keep up with the rising awareness of corporate social responsibilities in their communities.

  • R&D CapabilityOpen or Close

    2 Our strong R&D and engineering team and partnership with professional research institutions allows Aurora Scientific Corp. advance in PVD coating technology.

  • The Right RecipeOpen or Close

    3 Our preeminent “recipe” for each type of coating guarantees high quality from batch to batch. It makes our coating more “delicious” than other cooks (PVD system providers) do.

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