Every Tool Manufacturer Can Own In-House PVD System!

PVD Coating Solutions



  1. Ensuring a comfortable working partnership with Aurora
  2. Operate-To-Own program allows you exibility with production and payment
  3. Our unique turnkey PVD coating solution is designed for you


Our Turnkey PVD Coating Solution is Designed Around You

Design and Engineering Services

Our expert engineers will be your go-to guys! We specically design and craft our in-house coating operations based on your individual space, layout and working practice. Working with you to evaluate your needs, we check everything about your operation ow from cleaning, loading, coating, unloading and quality control. We’ll check your existing supply capability, assess your new supply needs, and make suggestions on recommended suppliers. We’ll also provide a personalized equipment layout drawing, custom-made for your facility. We’re your one stop shop for PVD operations! Rest assured knowing that you’re trusting the right job to the right people. 


Hassle-Free Installation

We take care of every aspect of installation and commissioning of your PVD coating equipment. Aurora engineers on site perform complete setup, including several tests and trial runs. We’ll even run coating checks on your parts until you’re 100% satisfied, and sign our acceptance report. That way, you’ll get hands-on training from experts to boost your skills and confidence with your new machinery, and be familiar with running the machine in a flash! So you can go from installation to full production like a pro, in no time at all! 


Best In Class Training

We’re taking you back to school with our comprehensive training program, to ensure your operators possess all the necessary knowledge to fully operate your machines. From coating knowledge to basic troubleshooting, we provide the option for on and off-site training for your convenience. We’ll also provide and go through our step-by-step operations manual, which explains in detail all your troubleshooting solutions. Providing engaging, practical and visual training materials online and in person means your staff will be competent, confident, and ready to coat! And all at a reduced training cost for your business.  


After-Sale Support, 365 Days a Year

If you still need our help, we are only a phone call away! We provide full after-sale service, troubleshooting options and full consultations all year round, so you never need to feel like you’re on your own. We’ll get the problem sorted with a remote online diagnosis, or give detailed help over the phone. If that doesn’t do the trick, one of our engineers will be out to your facility within 24 hours. Getting the right assistance and support you need around the clock from our global network means you don’t have to worry about production downtime. Help is always close at hand!


Fast and Easy Batch Changes

When you rely on Aurora PVD equipment, downtime is never an issue! Each target is easily changed in only 15 minutes between different coating batches. If your target material is all used up, your operator can replace it effortlessly on his own, cutting labour, costs, and time! 


Maintenance Assurance

When you sign up to our Operate-to-Own program, your first annual maintenance assessment is on us! Our expert engineers will take care of the work, all you have to do is cover materials and consumables. What a great deal! And not only that; for the next year’s assessment we provide the check list at installation, so you can take care of it yourself! But don’t worry, if you prefer our help you can always give us a call. 


Operate-To-Own Program

We know that budget can be a restraining factor when it comes to expanding your business. That’s why we offer a unique Operate-to-Own program that allows our customers flexibility with production and payment. Minimize your cash flow pressures by paying for your in-house PVD coating machine when it starts to pay for itself!

How does it work?

As soon as the machine is fully installed and running in your facility, you’ll be in our one year warranty period. You’ll pay a monthly balance on rental of the equipment, and be able to use your machine in your own workspace without the financial worry! And with regularly scheduled visits from an Aurora Service Engineer within your warranty contract, you can feel secure, proficient and protected when using Aurora equipment.