Whenever you buy a coating equipment from Aurora Scientific Corp., we use the following process:

1 Discovering Your Needs

In order to provide you with the best coating equipment for your needs, Aurora Scientific Corp. will first ask you several questions, including:

  • What’re the products you intend to coat?
  • What kind of problem is the coating trying to solve?
  • What methods have you already tried to solve this problem?

After receiving your answers, we’ll know how we can deliver the solution.

2 Coating Test

Since your products will vary in size, shape, and material, we ask you to provide us with some samples to perform a coating test.

3 Coating Report

Upon completion of the test, Aurora will send you a detailed test report so that you can determine which coating types and properties is best suited for you.

4 Info Gathering & Design

Once you’re satisfied with the coating performance, we’re able to design custom PVD coating equipment that caters to your needs. We provide specifications and a quote based on your particular requirements, such as whether you only require PVD coating equipment or also need a turnkey solution and component retrofit.

5 Terms & Conditions

After designing your equipment, we discuss various terms with you, such as delivery timeline, warranty period, and technical training & support.

6 Production (4 months)

Now we produce your custom PVD coating equipment. At this time, you will send your technicians to our coating center to learn about our PVD coating operation. Because of our system’s high automation and user-friendly control panel, your technicians’ training will take only 3-5 days.

7 Delivery

Finally, our engineers deliver the equipment to your facility and install it for you. Before they leave, we will provide your technicians with final training to ensure that they are comfortable working with the equipment.

7 After-Sale Service

All our equipment has a 1-year warranty, so we are available for technical service both online and in-person if needed.