Aurora’s Vancouver office was established in 2008, and the first coating job shop began production in 2014. Equipped with a STAR4 coating system, we proudly stand as the only professional coating center in the Pacic Northwest. With over 4,000 sq. ft. and a complete coating service operation providing more than 10 coating options, we oer coating services to businesses all over Canada and the United States. As the rst and only professional coating center for this region, we are the leaders in coating operations and training, and provide premium quality training facilities for technicians.

Our year-round technical support center is also located within our facility, serving customers via online, telephone, or on-site technical support within 24 hours.

We serve many industries, including Tooling, Biomedical, Aerospace, Marine, and Woodworking clients. Our engineering and research teams here in Vancouver are dedicated to testing and evaluation of new coating applications and developments, and also provide in-depth coating consultations for all our customers.

Coating Services