Surftech Corp

customers. As the largest PVD coating job center in Taiwan, they have extensive knowledge and skills in optimizing the coating process, and provide their customers with reliable products, amazing service and outstanding high performance.

In 2001 Surftech set up their rst coating center in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China. Equipped with 4 STAR series PVDcoating systems to take on the ever-increasing industry demand, the company provides outstanding coating quality and customer service.

Now, with their third center opening in Vietnam, we can provide the best value, products and services to our customers, beating most major competitors from even the most intensive manufacturing regions of Asia.

Surface Engineering Research Center (SERC), MingDao University

SERC is a collection of highly praised professors and researches from the elds within Material Engineering. They are committed to the development of surface engineering technology and system integration, including thin lm, coatings, plasma, and vacuum technologies. The center’s continued discoveries and research into innovative methods help us provide the most advanced PVD technology and application to our customers.

Daedalus Precision Engineering Co., Ltd.

Located in Changhua, Taiwan, Daedalus is the only professional manufacturer of PVD vacuum coating machines on the island. Over a 15 years lifespan they have delivered more than 40 STAR Series coating units to customers worldwide, and have provided dedicated and comprehensive engineering work that makes our STAR Series PVD coating systems one of the most robust and reliable machines in the industry.