Aurora has been an effective provider of PVD services for more than 20 years, delivering quality PVD coating to our Asia-Pacific customers. We’re backed by Surftech Corp. of Taiwan and the Surface Engineering Research Centre of MingDao University, which makes certain our technology is cutting-edge and our service is second to none.

Other Manufacturers

Other PVD coating manufacturers sell you generic assembly-line equipment. One kind for all clients.

Aurora’s Unique Approach

Aurora creates the best coating recipe for your unique specifications. We make certain that the coating equipment you receive is the best choice to answer your particular needs.

When you use Aurora Scientific Corp. for your PVD coating needs, you receive:

Customized Equipment

All of our coating equipment is built and customized for a particular client instead of relying upon mass-production assembly lines.

Cutting-Edge Products

Our strong R&D team and partnership with professional research institutions give Aurora access to new advances in PVD coating technology.

Quality Tech Support

Our software allows us to remotely diagnose any technical or operating problems encountered by you and then quickly solve those problems.

Reliable Hardware and Processing Software

For more than 20 years, we’ve devoted ourselves to refining the construction of quality hardware components and processing software with effective system integration.

User-Friendly Equipments

Our PVD coating equipment is easy to operate with a high-level of automation and one-touch panels.

Great Prices

We keep production costs down by increasing automation and partnering with other business alliances.